North Pole Pizza

Overnight Elf delivery 



Pick up date Dec. 11th

Select pick up location:

New Lenox 11am-1pm


Manhattan Sip & Shop event 3pm-6pm (must RSVP to attend)

Elf Pizza- 2 Cookie Set

  • North Pole Pizza includes

    2 Pizza boxes

    2 Elf pizza cookies



    ***Recipe includes allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, and almond emulsion. Note: almond emulsion is artifically flavored no nuts in product, but made on the same factory line as nuts. 

    Cookie Storage: Cookies will be individually wrapped and heat sealed for freshness. Do not refridgerate. Cookie are best stored at room temperature and consumed within 2 weeks. Cookies can also be frozen and consumed later. Recommended freeze in an airtight container. Let thaw for 12 hours before removing from heat sealed packaging. 

    All cookies are made in a home kitchen complying with the State of Illinois Cupcake Law.